Yes. You, or more precisely, your business needs a graphic designer. But, a better question to ask would be “How does a Graphic Designer benefit my business?” Not all businesses need the same amount of graphic design work, and not all businesses need it to be at the same level of quality. Needless to say, budgets differ as well.

So, when you need something quick and cheap turn to Fiverr or Design Crowd. Here you can post the design work you would like completed and have it done at an affordable price. Often between $5 – $10 dollars. However, buyer beware, as sometimes you get what you pay for. Cheap work does mean, well, cheap work. You can benefit from these sites with logo concepts, blog content writing, and social graphics.

Which brings us to the point of how a business benefits from professional graphic design. When getting started or even rebranding, a clean professional appearance not only looks good but often helps with the navigation of your site and services. A clean look allows users to engage with your services and understand them while offering easier site navigation. To find this type of quality you will need to browse some Freelances designers. Freelance graphic designers often quote for free, so be ready to explain your vision or ask for ideas.

Find the Right Designer!

This list will help you match the right designer to your project.

  • Education or training? – is it professional or are they self-taught
  • Portfolio – who have they worked for? Is it in your industry? Are there samples to view?
  • What is your budget? – if your budget is tight, you might want to start with this one
  • Can they meet your deadline?
  • How many proof revisions are available?
  • Listen to the designer’s feedback about your project

Self-taught designers can create beautiful work, but usually lack the knowledge and experience to make good decisions in printing or technical applications of their designs. Lacking the fundamental knowledge in design can mean ending up with a low-resolution file, costing you more to fix. Good graphic design is an investment in your business.

You want a designer who can take your vision 
and bring it to completion.

What you want is to find a designer that will not only provide you with a print ready file or design. You want a designer who can take your vision and bring it to completion. The value of having someone who can take care of the project for you and provide you with a worry-free service.

If a designer is not comfortable handling a project, this should be a red flag. If the artist just wants to supply you with a file and walk away, that is a sign of a novice designer. A true designer should want to be involved in any important aspect of their work to ensure it looks as good as it can, ultimately it is a reflection of them and their work.

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