Hello, my name is Carlos Bulk and welcome to cbpg studios.

I started cbpg studios to bring my experience in traditional and digital media to the public at a fair price in 2013. What I love most about running my own digital media and design business is the relationships I get to personally build with my client. It truly is rewarding to see a business grow using my designs and strategies.

Of course, I didn’t always have all this experience. It all started with a genuine passion for art and design. So, nearly ten years ago, a university diploma in digital graphics and communications just made sense.

Since then my range of experience has expanded. From designing traditional media like print and promo items, to digital strategies in graphic design, social media, and website building.  

In fact, in a way I have come full circle. I now enjoy teaching students graphic design part-time at the very University I graduated from. Using my knowledge to shape the minds of the next graphic designers is a rewarding experience and a fantastic way to keep myself on top of the latest trends.

I hope to bring your business high-quality graphic design, photography, social media management or build an effective website. Reach out to me about improving your digital strategy.